SkinCare – A skin zero defects, it does not really exist Or practically not. But to approach it you must respect it, pamper it, and treat the CAUSES behind possible imperfections, sensitivities and other reactions. Because yes there is always a cause behind the signs that our skin shows. The title of this article talks about caffeine, but I could very well have indicated “attention to stimulants”. Caffeine is the most common stimulant, but there are others … that prevent our skin from finding all its brilliance! And there are also, fortunately, “soft” alternatives that our skin appreciates.

SkinCare – Many people (most of us, let’s face it) depend on coffee and other stimulants to “work” each day. Essential help to stay focused and operational. The problem is that these “thumbs” are actually “whips” for our body: violent stimulation that forces the body to activate when in fact it is often in demand of anything else: Rest.

SkinCare – Caffeine is a substance that creates dependence, it is often called a psychoactive drug as it stimulates the brain and nervous system including activating neurotransmitters adrenaline (also waking hormone), dopamine and norepinephrine. The body quickly gets used to receiving this external stimulation and as you know it can become difficult to get rid of it! We are more or less sensitive of course, but as our nervous system is stimulated almost permanently by note modern life (screens, activities constantly, on solicitation by noise, lights, etc.), we all have the interest to limit the Excessive stimulation

SkinCare – A headache, migraines or another state of malaise if you have not had your dose of caffeine? For me this is already the sign that your body is intoxicated: indeed, if the fact of stopping caffeine puts you in such a state, it shows us a priori that it is not quite adapted to our physiology, or at least, that quantity is not!

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