Flash Keto “REVIEW” Flash Keto with BHB Burns Body Fat?! 🤨

Many people, especially women, want a slim figure. Diets and fitness programs can be exhausting and time-consuming. Often they are also ineffective. The manufacturer of Flash Keto promises users of the capsules that they can lose a lot of weight quickly.

But does it work? What ingredients work in the capsules? Are there customer testimonials? And what do experts say about the preparation? We took a closer look at the diet pills and found that the manufacturer uses one or the other dubious sales mesh.

Flash Keto

Under the Microscope – Flash Keto Product Check

Flash Keto is a capsule-form nutritional supplement. According to the manufacturer, the capsules contain purely natural ingredients, which means that users can lose a lot of weight in a short time. Among other things, fat burning and metabolism should be activated.

The effectiveness promises of the manufacturer when the capsules are taken correctly read as follows:

  • Promote metabolism and fat burning.
  • Fat and calorie consumption reduction.
  • Lowering or normalizing cholesterol levels.
  • Reduction of stress and pain in joints.
  • Improve Sleep.
  • Headache Elimination.
  • Optimize your mood.

If you believe the manufacturer, then the capsules are a real miracle cure. The supplier of Flash Keto promises that if you take the slimming pills regularly you could lose 18 kilograms within 1 month. This promise of action sounds very unrealistic.

We have therefore examined the slimming product in four simple steps:

Step 1: 🧪 Ingredients

We determine the ingredients and make their operation in detail in focus.

Step 2: ☢️ Side Effects

We tell you whether you have to expect side effects when using it.

Step 3: 🔎 Expert Opinion

We also listen to the opinion of a proven expert.

Step 4: 📝 Customers Review

We summarize reviews and see if they can support our findings.

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Step 1: Ingredients – How does Flash Keto work?

On the manufacturer’s website, we can find the following information about the ingredients:

Aronia Berries:

During our research, we can find more information on the effects of Aronia berries on the Internet. This fruit is said to help reduce weight.

However, there are as yet no scientific studies on these alleged decreasing effects of the Aronia berry.

Dietary Fiber:

Dietary Fiber has a supporting effect when losing weight. They fill you well, boost your metabolism and are very low in calories.

On other sales sites, we find different information about the ingredients, where we have to ask ourselves: “What’s really in the Flash Keto capsules?”

Step 2: Are there any side effects known?

According to the manufacturer, taking weight loss capsules does not lead to side effects or undesirable side effects. This would be due to natural and herbal ingredients.

As a consumer, however, you should be aware that even with purely herbal ingredients, there may be some intolerance if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients.

Flash Keto


In our research, we can even find information on consumer protection that warns against taking diet products containing acai berries.

This fruit contains, among other things, sibutramine. This substance can cause harmful consequences such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Step 3: is the expert opinion fake?

We find an expert opinion directly on the manufacturer’s website. The alleged medical doctor named Michal Borowski praises the product and recommends the capsules for losing weight. The manufacturer even depicted him as the inventor of Flash Keto.

Other articles report that the alleged Specialist’s Report is FAKE.

And unfortunately, we also had to find out that the man pictured is not a specialist and not the head of a private clinic, but a simple model. His picture is a stock photo, which everyone can freely buy on the Internet.

Step 4: are Flash Keto’s experiences Fake?

Since the expert opinion is a report freely invented by the manufacturer and a purchased picture, we have taken a closer look at the testimonials of supposed customers.

So the manufacturer publishes some before and after photos to show customer’s potential success. But even here, after a little research, we have to agree with the assumptions of other articles that say “These are fake testimonials, too”

Levent from New York Times, for example, is not a real customer but is called Richard O. He has nothing to do with the weight loss product. Richard has lost its excess kilos with the “Leptitox” workout program. His successes and weight loss are published on YouTube.

The success story of Scarlett Moffatt (Television Personality), which is said to have lost sixteen kilograms in just five weeks, is also fictitious by the manufacturer. He is not afraid to use photos of people in public. “Scarlett Moffatt” is called Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt and is a moderator and a reality star. The Magazine Says “OK!” She lost many kilos within six months. She also has nothing to do with Flash Keto.

We also found inconsistencies in other alleged success stories. All of this leaves us strongly in doubt that Flash Keto has the effect it advertises.

Are there any Authentic Reviews in the Forum?

Despite the many fake stories on the part of the manufacturer, we continued to try to be as neutral as possible and next looked to see if other, credible reports from real customers could be found.

We must note that weight loss capsules are mostly negative. The users are not convinced of the effect of the pills. Most consumers report that the capsules would have no effects. We can read: “Muck, Zero Side Effect” and even “RIP OFF”.

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Some customers write in their recessions that they also had to deal with side effects such as nausea and vomiting. The authentic testimonials do not correspond to the fake success stories of the manufacturer.

There are some positive reviews on the web, but these recessions are not deepened. In several articles, we can also read that the authenticity of the positive customer opinions and the stars given is highly questioned.

Is there an alternative to Flash Keto?

We can’t say it otherwise, but Flash Keto fails all along the line.

The manufacturer uses a whole range of fake information and dubious sales mesh. The alleged expert turns out to be fictitious, which makes his expert evaluations worthless. The alleged success stories are boldly stolen and have nothing to do with Flash Keto.

The Leptitox from Good Living Products is an alternative to Flash Keto. In our product check, this scored with the highest number of points and is even a little cheaper than the preparation of a Healthy Diet.

Instructions for Use – Take Flash Keto Correctly

According to the manufacturer, users should take 2 capsules per day with sufficient water. It is recommended to swallow the capsules after the meal.

Buy Flash Keto – But From Where?

You can buy Flash Keto capsules directly from the manufacturer and on various partner sites.


If you search for “Flash Keto” on Amazon and eBay, you will find a product with a similar effect. Unfortunately, we cannot say whether this is the original.

Price – How expensive is Flash Keto?

On the manufacturer’s website, which has so far only been published in Canada, 30 capsules cost $ 99.00 (after Exclusive Discount USD 31.90).

In the product description, we can read that there are 60 capsules in a can.

What else might interest you?!

Below we have summarized various common questions about Flash Keto from users and interested parties and answered them briefly.

What ingredients are in Flash Keto?

The Flash Keto capsules contain Aronia berries and various fibers. You can find out exactly how these ingredients are supposed to work in step 1 of our product check… more information

Is Flash Keto suitable for losing weight?

We try to answer this question with our product check. We examine the ingredients and see what experts and customers have to say about Flash Keto. Here, our final judgment falls not good… more

Are there any other Flash Keto products?

So far, there are no other Flash Keto products.

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Is Flash Keto made in America?

No, the capsules come from a Canadian manufacturer and are not “Made in America”.

Can I also buy Flash Keto in pharmacies?

No, consumers cannot purchase the capsules from local pharmacies or online pharmacies.

Are Flash Keto official tests known?

At the time of the research, we could not find any official reviews of Flash Keto on the Internet. However, with our Flash Keto product check, we try to backlight you as objectively as possible… To the product check

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Assessment of Flash Keto:

In our opinion, Flash Keto is not a serious product that we can recommend.

The manufacturer deliberately deceives the consumer with a fake expert opinion and fictitious reviews. He also has no qualms about using pictures of celebrities for his advertising purposes without being asked.

The ingredients are of purely natural origin, but, as consumer protection and other users say, can still cause side effects.

And the negative customer opinions also show that the effects promised by the manufacturer to lose weight do not occur.