Foligain “Rip Off” Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women, Revealed!

With Foligain, the hair should look full and healthy again. With regular use, the basil extract penetrates deep into the hair and thus ensures, according to the manufacturer, youthful full hair. But does the remedy work? Or is it just a rip-off product? I took a closer look at Foligain and clear up!

What is Foligain?

Foligain is a tincture that works based on basil and is available on the market as a natural hair restorer. If you believe the manufacturer, regular use should lead to lively and youthful hair. Since the preparation stimulates fallen roots and provides them with intensive moisture, the product is particularly suitable for hair in old age. But can the product do what it promises?


Foligain uses natural Ingredients:

According to the manufacturer, Foligain works with purely natural ingredients.

In detail, the active ingredients of the agent are:

  • Basil Extracts
  • Oils
  • Vitamins
  • Caffeine

Application: Intake and Dosage

The tincture can be used easily and without any problems. According to the manufacturer, the product should ideally be applied evenly to the scalp before going to bed. After application, the hair is combed well. Foligain acts on the scalp and hair roots overnight and can be rinsed out of the hair the next morning.

Is there any known Side Effect of Foligain?

Since the ingredients are purely natural substances, the agent is generally well tolerated according to the manufacturer. In the case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of Foligain, undesirable side effects must be expected. In these cases, these manifest themselves in the form of itching or redness.

Deception through FAKE Experiences and Reviews

As part of my research, I also dealt with the experience and test reports that can be seen on the manufacturer’s website. Upon further investigation, the photos of the alleged consumer presented as a fake-out. These are models whose photos can be purchased online for a fee.

Foligain For Men

Our Test Reports & Studies are FAKE

The Foligain manufacturer advertises on its sales page with dermatological tests that are intended to confirm the tolerance and the effect of the product. However, even after further research, I was unable to find any evidence of actually performed tests with Foligain. There is only an expert opinion on the skin compatibility of the product.

Real Reviews and Opinions

Even after extensive research, I could not find any reviews or customer opinions in public forums. I was only able to find a rating on Amazon. However, this review does not come from a verified buyer, so the authenticity cannot be confirmed here.

Where can you buy Foligain?

Foligain is not available for purchase in local or online pharmacies. The hair restorer is now available for sale on Amazon. This is also available from the website of the company.

Price and How to Order?

Foligain can currently be purchased on the manufacturer’s website for $ 49.00 per bottle. The content of the tincture bottle is 100 ml and, according to the manufacturer, is sufficient for about 40 applications. The money-back-guarantee gives consumers the option to request the money back within 30 days if they are dissatisfied.

Foligain For Women

Bottom Line of Foligain (Review)

At this point, my research on Foligain hair treatment ends. My overall grade is rather skeptical due to the untrue experience and test reports and the non-verifiable dermatological tests that the manufacturer relies on. In my opinion, serious and effective products do not have to be advertised with such sales tricks.