Fresh Prime Keto (Review) Help You Lose Weight in Just 2 Weeks?

Fresh Prime Keto:The Fastest Way to Lose Weight” is the advertising message on the sales side of the product. With this, the manufacturer certainly hits a nerve with the times. Because more and more people are dissatisfied with their weight and want an effective way to lose weight permanently.

With the help of these new pills, it should be possible for women and men to reduce their weight drastically and to be able to hold it afterward – without the unloved yo-yo effect. We wanted to know exactly what is in this statement and whether it is possible to lose weight with the pills. Accordingly, we tested Fresh Prime Keto for you!

What is Fresh Prime Keto?

A dietary supplement in the form of pills is sold under the name Fresh Prime Keto. Due to the fat-burning and purely natural active ingredients, users could lose a lot of weight within a short time. Because regular consumption activates the metabolism.

But that’s not all: taking the pills should also cleanse the body, increase performance, increase vitality and reduce cravings. This would make Fresh Prime Keto a real miracle cure in the fight against excess pounds.

Fresh Prime Keto

Our 30 Day Self-Test

To check the effect of the pills, we decided on a Fresh Prime Keto test. In this, we were supported by volunteers who regularly took the dietary supplement for us.

After 30 days, however, we did not notice any change in the weight of any of our testers. Occasionally the Fresh Prime Keto pills caused slight side effects.

Fresh Prime Keto uses Fake Doctor for Promotional Purposes

After our negative test on Fresh Prime Keto, we took a closer look at the sales page. In the lower area, you can find the expert opinion of an alleged medical doctor, who on the side as Dr. Manfred with 8 years of professional experience in the field of endocrinology and nutritional advice.

The photo used seemed very familiar to us. We had not only found the picture, with a different name and other professional experience, on the sales page of the Libido Drive rip-off product but in the past, we were also able to uncover that the photo was used improperly.

The doctor who can be seen in the photo is Prof. Wolf Wieland and works as a urologist at the Mia Oliver in Houston. In addition to the stolen photo, the expert report also has numerous spelling and grammatical errors. It quickly became clear to us that under no circumstances would this text be written by a medical doctor.

Based on our research on Fresh Prime Keto, we were able to quickly unmask the manufacturer’s expert opinion as a pure fake.

Does the manufacturer advertise with FAKE Reviews?

We continued to look around on the sales page and found numerous testimonials from customers who have already tested Fresh Prime Keto and found it good. On closer inspection, however, these photos were very familiar to us.

For example, we could find the photo of Natascha, 29, on other dubious sales sites. We were also able to discover some of the photos in image databases.

Fresh Prime Keto

We assume that these Fresh Prime Keto reviews are fakes that come from the manufacturer personally. Because these texts also contain spelling and grammatical errors and do not seem to have been written by real customers.

Are there Real Fresh Prime Keto Experiences and Reviews?

So far we have not been able to find any evidence that the manufacturer’s statements are correct. For this reason, we looked around the internet for real Fresh Prime Keto Reviews. We wanted authentic testimonials from customers who took the pills. We would like to present three of these reports that we have found.

A customer is more than annoyed by the conversation with the employee who called her back to take her order. She could barely understand the man on the other end and so she couldn’t order Fresh Prime Keto.

Another customer received his pills but had to stop taking them after three days because of gastrointestinal complaints. The man attributes this to the ingredients in the pills.

Another customer’s testimonial is also negative. She had ordered the Fresh Keto pills to lose weight. Unfortunately, the desired effect did not occur. For this lady, it is a pure rip-off.

What does the Food and Drug Administration say About it?

At the beginning of the year, the independent consumer organization Prime Keto and Co. took a closer look. Numerous products failed the tests because they had no effect or were dangerous to health. According to our research, Fresh Prime was not tested and evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

We also found no information that another independent institute has so far examined or tested the Fresh Prime Keto pills.

Dosage Instructions of Fresh Prime Keto:

Weight loss products should be able to be integrated quickly and, above all, into everyday life. Because it is important to many users that they are not hindered or restricted in the normal daily routine by taking or dosing. According to the manufacturer, the intake should be very easy and therefore easy to integrate into everyday life.

Fresh Prime Keto

So it is recommended to use 2 pills with 300 ml of water three times a day and drink before meals. The users do not have to do anything else. According to the manufacturer, a change in diet or the integration of sport should not be necessary to achieve the desired weight reduction with Fresh Prime Keto.

When is an effect to be expected?

Anyone who orders a product to lose weight wants to see the first results as soon as possible – understandable. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers provide information about when users can expect first successes. Unfortunately, it is the same as Leptitox.

Although the manufacturer recommends taking the pills for at least 30 days, there is no information regarding the Fresh Prime Keto effect. The customers, therefore, do not know when the first customer success can be expected.

Fresh Prime Keto: Ingredients & Composition

The manufacturer writes on its sales page that the composition of the pills consists of natural and hypoallergenic active ingredients. The interplay of the individual components is said to guarantee rapid weight loss. The following Fresh Prime Keto ingredients are listed accordingly:


Turmeric contains a lot of vitamins. In particular, digestive processes in the body are optimized. Turmeric also has a positive effect on fat metabolism.

Spirulina Algae:

The Spirulina contained in Fresh Prime Keto stabilizes the metabolism and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Goji Berry Extract:

The berries are rich in vitamins and minerals and have a regenerating and antioxidant effect on the body.

Ginger Root:

Ginger has been used as an effective weight loss agent for many years. At the same time, toxins are also released from the body.

Garcinia Cambogia:

The synthetic enzymes it contains accelerates fat metabolism. Garcinia cambogia is one of the main ingredients in many slimming products, which is why Fresh Prime Keto should also affect it.

Fresh Prime Keto

Is there any Expected Side Effect OR Intolerances?

According to the manufacturer, no Fresh Prime Keto side effects should occur. However, the manufacturer himself points out on his sales page that people with an allergy or intolerance to one or more active ingredients should refrain from taking it. Even children under three years of age should not take the pills.

In our research, however, we were able to find out that many users suffered from side effects after taking these pills. Often these were gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, sleep disorders or dizziness.

In this context, we would like to point out once again that purely natural or herbal dietary supplements can also cause undesirable accompanying symptoms.

Where can you buy Fresh Prime Keto? Pharmacy, DM, Amazon

According to our research, you can only buy the manufacturer’s sales page Fresh Prime Keto. We didn’t find the pills on trading platforms like eBay or Amazon. And this product is not sold in pharmacies or online pharmacies either. Since some dietary supplements are often also sold in drugstore stores such as DM or Walgreens, we have also researched in this direction. But even here we could not find the product in the range.

If you want to order the Fresh Prime Keto pills on the manufacturer’s sales page, you have to fill out a corresponding form. Enter your name and telephone number in this. After submitting you will be called back by an employee who will then take your order.

Unfortunately, we have seen this type of ordering process in the past for numerous dubious rip-off products and would like to warn you again.

How high is the price?

The price always plays a crucial role in dietary supplements that are supposed to support weight loss effectively. Because customers often determine whether the remedy has an effect or not. On the sales side, the pills are offered for a discounted Fresh Prime Keto price of 39.00 Dollars.

According to the manufacturer, this is a limited offer since the original pills would cost $ 78.00. The customer receives a jar of  60 pills for this price. Unfortunately, the Fresh Prime Keto sales page does not show whether shipping costs still have to be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Losing weight is extremely difficult for many of us. Your lifestyle, as well as the numerous temptations of everyday life, make it difficult to stick to a change in diet. This is where helpers like Fresh Prime Keto come in handy.

You can find out whether you can lose weight with these pills in the following questions and answers.

Does Fresh Prime Keto have a deal on “Shark Tank”?

During our research, we were able to read again and again that the manufacturer was supposed to land a deal on the popular TV show “Shark Tank“. We did a little more research on this and found that this statement was once again a lie by the manufacturer.

Neither in America nor Canada were the pills presented on television and consequently did not conclude a deal with the investors.

Are the Fresh Prime Keto pills harmful to health?

According to the manufacturer, the pills should contain only purely natural and herbal active ingredients. Since the product has not yet been examined by independent institutes, it is not possible to make a precise statement about the ingredients and their effects on the human body.

The preparation is, therefore, an unauthorized medical device. And these always pose a health hazard. In our test, some subjects suffered from side effects after ingestion, so it cannot be excluded that the pills are dangerous.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Customers can often return a product if they don’t like it or the promised effect has failed to materialize. Unfortunately, we could not find any information on the sales page whether the customer gets his money back if he is not satisfied with the product.

There is also no information on how customers can contact customer service, for example, or whether such a service is available at all.

Who is Fresh Prime Keto?

Unfortunately, there is no imprint on the sales page. The manufacturer thus violates the labeling requirements that exist in America. Besides, no information can be found about who sells or produces pills. A missing imprint is always a sign for a dubious provider or manufacturer.

Can I lose weight permanently with Fresh Prime Keto?

After our research, we have to question the manufacturer’s statements very strongly. In our test, no test subject was able to lose weight with the pills and other customers also seem to have had similar experiences with the dietary supplement.

Based on our test and research, we assume that no weight can be lost with the pills.

Fresh Prime Keto

Final Verdict:

The manufacturer of Fresh Prime Keto makes many beautiful promises, which will certainly appeal to many unsuspecting customers. However, a look behind the scenes makes it clear that an ineffective dietary supplement is sold here that customers cannot use to lose weight in a targeted and effective manner. Once again, the pills are a completely ineffective rip-off product.

We found no effect on our test. Also, we were able to discover that the manufacturer advertises with a fake doctor and has falsified the customer experience on its sales side. For us, these are reasons enough to warn our readers about a Fresh Prime Keto purchase.