GeneFactor – Does Gene Factor Eliminate Potency Problems?

Many erectile dysfunction drugs are said to help with erectile dysfunction and to provide longer and better sex. GeneFactor is one of them. Can the product deliver the full-bodied promises of the manufacturer? We put the supposed miracle cure to the test and found out the following…

GeneFactor – An Overview

Strictly speaking, here we are not talking about some regular Male Enhancement supplement: GeneFactor. The first capsules are intended for daily use to work against erection problems in general and in the long term – if it works… On the other hand, Before capsules should be taken around 30 minutes to two hours before sexual intercourse to stimulate the erection and so to make sex more fun.

 GeneFactor Test By Our Editors 

As so often, the manufacturer’s promises sound almost too good to be true. We have therefore subjected the product to a detailed test and examined it closely. Is it fake or is it an effective remedy for potency problems? We know the answer. And if you read on, you will know them right away…

GeneFactor Male Enhancement

First Impression:

The first impression is rather mediocre. The capsules come in two white doses reminiscent of a typical medical device or dietary supplement. The label is not particularly chic, but it makes a more serious impression than many other competing products. But in the next section, you will find out whether the remedy can hold this impression.

Application Test:

Our anonymous tester, therefore, takes the GeneFactor capsules every day and the Gene Factor Male Enhancement capsules 30 minutes right before sexual intercourse. At weddings, our tester will then take up to 8 (!) Capsules a day, which we find extremely high. This intake recommendation does not open up to us completely, we cannot see where the fundamental differences between the two packs should be.


The use of GeneFactor requires that you take up to 8 capsules of the product a day. That is above average!


A lot does not always help a lot. Our tester did not report any significant results to us. Rather, the whole game was too colorful for him after 2 weeks. The sheer amount of capsules that could be washed down with water did not increase the desire, on the contrary, it even dampened it. Not only the capsules but also the water was pretty heavy in the stomach shortly before sexual intercourse.

Is there any better Alternate?

Due to our not very stunning test result, we would like to make you an alternative proposal here. Man Plus capsules are not only made in America but can be ordered completely risk-free via the Walgreens online shop (similar to Amazon).


Customer Testimonials from Internet:

How could it be otherwise: On the official website through which GeneFactor is distributed, some supposed customers have their say, who praise the product in the highest tones. So far it is not surprising. However, if you drill a bit deep, you can quickly expose the customer voices as a fake. Because the photos of the supposed customers shown there are stock photos. This means that these can be purchased online. The logical consequence: The users cited are not real customers, but fakes. So they do not exist and can therefore not share any reliable and serious experience with you…

To get a better picture of GeneFactor, we also looked for additional customer experiences on the Internet. Unfortunately, the yield is quite poor, as there are hardly any reviews that can be classified as serious and reliable. At Amazon, the product does not perform well and is rated poorly. Here we are talking about “cost-technical fooling around”. This goes in the direction that our test showed.

Ingredients used in GeneFactor:

The manufacturer of GeneFactor advertises that the product contains only 100% natural ingredients. These include the following:

Studies have shown that some of the ingredients contained can have a positive effect on potency or erection. However, we do not have any scientific evidence that GeneFactor works.

Possible Side Effects of GeneFactor:

Since according to the manufacturer, GeneFactor consists of purely natural ingredients, it should not have any side effects. However, it can, of course, happen that you have an allergic reaction to one of the contained substances or that you cannot tolerate it. Therefore, allergic reactions or other impairments can already occur after taking the capsules.


How to use GeneFactor?

The company suggests that you take two GeneFactor pills every day, one in the daytime and the other in the evening, both with enough water. According to the manufacturer, Gene Factor Male Enhancement should be taken 30 minutes to 2 hours before sex – 4 to 6 capsules at a time. The times vary on the website, which doesn’t seem serious.

Buy GeneFactor at the Cheapest Price:

The basic package, each with a can of the two agents, costs 49 dollars directly from the manufacturer. This should be enough for a month. If you opt for the standard package with three packs, you pay 98 dollars or just under 33 dollars per pack. It gets even cheaper with the Optimal Package, which gives you a total of 6 packs of GeneFactor for 147 dollars. Here the unit price then drops to just under 25 dollars.

Depending on which payment method you choose, there will be an additional processing fee of between 5 dollars and 11 dollars.

Questions and Answers

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about buying, taking and the effect of this supposed sexual enhancer.

How many capsules are in a can?

Each can of Gene Factor Male Enhancement contains 60 capsules.

How long can I get on with a can?

If you take two GeneFactor capsules a day, one can last for 30 days, i.e. around a month. How long the Gene Factor Male Enhancement lasts depends on your sex life and how often you take it. At the recommended dosage of 4 to 6 capsules before sex, one package is enough for 10 to 15 times sexual intercourse. How many days, weeks or months this is in your case depends on you.

Is GeneFactor available in pharmacies?

No, the remedy is only available on the Internet. You can either order it directly from the manufacturer via the official website or buy it in other online shops. Among other things, Amazon leads GeneFactor.


Do you have any Questions?

Do you have any questions about GeneFactor that we have not yet answered? Then do not hesitate and write us in the comments what you would like to know! Our editorial team will take care of your concerns.

Bottom Line of GeneFactor:

If GeneFactor worked as the manufacturer promised, it would be able to help many men suffering from potency problems. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, as our test and the negative customer reviews on the Internet show. From our point of view, the sexual enhancer is another bluff pack, we cannot recommend buying and taking but even discourage it.