Phalogenics – Phalogenics Exercises To Increase Your Penis Size!

Many people recommend Phalogenics (the technique of pulling on the penis) and the ways to do exercises to increase the size of their penis. Normally, the size of the penis and the width of an erect penis are not the same after puberty until the age of 50. After 50 years, men have difficulty staying at the same level as an erect penis (calculated in total erection cm versus resting cm). Men want solutions to increase the size of the erect penis and to prevent a decrease in the circumference of the erect penis. Some people take pills (vitaperf or ViriL XXL) or apply creams (Kolosize). Besides, no successful empirical study confirms or proves the effectiveness of penis enlargement or other dietary supplement products.

How To Do Phalogenic Exercises

Before approaching the Phalogenic exercises and obtaining a result of a logical increase in the size of the penis, we should know the structure of the penis and the complexity of the erection.
Even though few people know, there are no muscles in the penis. It’s just an organ tissue. The exercise of the penis does not resemble the formation of other parts of the body that contain muscles. Some muscles in your body can not be controlled. For example, the heart is a complex organ but it cannot be controlled. Because the penis has no muscles; you cannot apply the same exercises or methods that you use to build body mass to increase the size of an erect penis. The amount of blood contained in the structure of your penis can determine the size of the erect penis and the strength of the erection. Phalogenics is one of the natural ways to increase the blood content in erectile tissue.

How Does Phalogenics Work?

Phalogenics is a method considered as one of the most used penis enlargement exercises. You can do the exercises only or with your wife. You can do it with cream or lubricants. You must have adequate planning and discipline. This requires regular training and great patience for at least six months to achieve a noticeable result. After doing Phalogenic exercises for several months, most men gain a few inches up to 2cm in penile circumference and 2cm in penis length. It is recommended to do Phalogenics exercises for 15 to 20 minutes a day. If you want to see the result satisfactory, you must be patient and careful. If you exercise too hard and too frequently, it can damage erectile tissue. When doing Phalogenics, you use the thumb and forefinger (sign ok) to recurrently and consistently stretch the penis at rest. As a result, these exercises can increase the blood capacity of the erection and increase the size of the penis. The movements used involve stretching and pulling which can help increase the blood held in the penis structure during a partial erection. Although there is a lack of studies and scientific evidence, the internet has many good reviews. People who practice Phalogenics have reported the simplicity, efficiency, and safety of this penis enlargement exercise.

The Phalogenics – First Results

The science behind Phalogenic’s effectiveness in increasing penis size is strong, although there is a lack of evidence to show that it is effective. One hundred men were invited to partake in the investigation. After several months, the researchers studied the difference before and after. It turns out that regular Phalogenics exercises take at least a month to show visible results. In some cases, it takes 4 months of waiting to be satisfied with the results. The Phalogenics can increase the length of the penis by up to 10%, while the penis circumference can reach 7%. Phalogenics Reviews

Phalogenics: Before and After

If you are lucky, it may increase further. It is important to know that increasing the penis circumference is more difficult and takes lengthier than increasing the length of the penis. Besides, evidence has also shown that the length of the penis is better than the circumference of the penis. The online community that tried the Phalogenics gave good reviews and recommended it as an effective method to increase penis size and improve sex life.

How To Do Phalogenics Step By Step

This type of exercise requires detailed instructions to perform the steps correctly. If you do not use it properly, it’s just the way you waste your time that consumes nothing. Therefore, be sure to follow the following steps where you only see minimal or even no winnings!

Step 1: Lubricate

Before starting the Phalogenics exercises, lubricate the penis with petroleum jelly, agar, baby oil, or any penis lubricant.

Step 2: Level of Erection

Bring penile erection to 50 or 75% by gently stroking the penis. Your penis should be relaxed to facilitate the penetration of blood (inflow of blood). Remember not to perform Phalogenics with a full erection.

Step 3: Use Your Fingers

Use the thumb and finger to form a handle (ok sign with your hand).

Step 4: Start at the Base

Next, place the handle around the base of the penis near the pubic bone.

Step 5: Increase the Pressure

With light pressure on the handle, move it slowly into the penis. The proper Phalogenics pressure does not hurt but pushes the blood into your penis effectively.

Step 6: Stop Before the Glans

Complete the grip before reaching your glans. Note that you just need to complete a Phalogenic! Everyone should take about 2 to 3 seconds.

Step 7: Repeat

When done with 1 Phalogenic, take the other hand, then repeat the Phalogenics exercise process. About Phalogenics methods, men must also follow standard sessions as follows: Phalogenic When you master the system, you will have no problem finishing 100 Jels in about 5 minutes. Just use this routine for the first 30 days. You will then notice your erections harder, fleshier and thicker.
    1. Week 1: A 5-minute session with 100 shots
    2. Week 2: Two 5-minute sessions with 100 shots each
    3. Week 3: Two 5-minute sessions with 150 shots each
    4. Week 4: Two 10-minute sessions with 300 shots each

Phalogenics Exercise Variations

Besides these tips, men should be aware of the different variants of Phalogenics:
  1. The Side Phalogenic

The Side Phalogenic is ideal for setting a penis curve. It’s good for the circumference and ideal for those looking for a more intense Phalogenic.
  1. The Phalogenic with one hand

The Phalogenic with one hand is as the name suggests – the Phalogenic you perform with one hand. Make a ULI at the base, before each shot, for a more intense Phalogenic; however, this is not for beginners.
  1. The V-Phalogenic

The v-Phalogenic puts more pressure on the sides of the shaft, actually working on the cavernous body. To make the v-Phalogenic, make a V with your index finger and middle finger, the palm of your hand facing you, then go up.
  1. The Mini Phalogenic

The mini Phalogenic is also good for setting a penis curve. Always make mini Jelks on the weaker side of the penis to train this cavernous body and correct your curve.
  1. Benefits of Phalogenic Exercises
  2. Proven effectiveness – men reported the growth of several cms
  3. The natural form of penis exercise
  4. No additional equipment needed
  5. Very sure
  6. Ideal for beginners
  7. A classic, like a pushup that does the work
Phalogenics Method

The Inconvenient

May take time to see the results After the beginner stage (about 3 months), more intense exercises are needed to keep seeing the results.

How To Do Phalogenics Safely

If you follow all the precautions, such as doing warm-up exercises before starting, then the Phalogenics exercises are completely safe. Nevertheless, men will expertise negative and undesirable effects if area unit doing} not heat up by doing several repetitions quickly or by Phalogenics at high intensity before their bodies are prepared. Some aspect effects could include:
  • The doughnut result
  • The lumber result
  • Discoloration and red spots
  • Safe Phalogenics Rules
  • Warm-up for many minutes to form positive you’re between fifty and seventieth semi-erect.
  • Do not forget to use the material.
  • Never do Phalogenics whereas having AN erection as this might harm the member.
  • Do not ejaculate whereas doing Phalogenics.
  • Do the Phalogenics during a quandary bathtub
Trainers and even scientists counsel that physical exercise during a tougher setting will offer your body a lot of potency and advantages. But however, will water profit member enlargement? Studies have proved the effectiveness of water to strengthen and increase the scale of the member. The heat of the water will increase the blood capability of the erectile tissues. As a result, Phalogenics in quandary causes a rise in member size. Additionally, a hot bathtub or shower will stimulate blood circulation all told components of your body.

Tips On Member Exercises

To continue Phalogenics and improve its advantages, it’s counseled to mix it with different exercises for the member. It is a smart plan if you’ll do these exercises consecutively. Do a special exercise for twenty minutes so follow a Phalogenics session? You should begin very {little} by little and increase the length and repetitions step by step. This trick will provide you with the mental strength to keep up regularity and forestall you from becoming bored and jettisoning. Like different exercises, the Phalogenics should embrace prolusion and stretch. To form positive that the blood flow and blood flow to your member reach their full capability, you need to be standing up once doing Phalogenics. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, you need to shave or cut hair. Only you recognize your stamina; thus, you need to do that exercise with caution. Excess exercise will result in unwanted issues. Before doing Phalogenics, you need to initial wash your hands and your genitals. Ensure you allow nothing dangerous on the skin. Lubricating the member could be a nice plan. Although some individuals have explicit that it’s not necessary to use a material, most men still lubricate their members in preparation. If you have got any queries, don’t hesitate to come to your doctor.

Good to Understand About Phalogenics

In this article, I showed you a preview of Phalogenics and the way to try and do exercises Phalogenic step by step. I hope you’ll higher perceive this sexual exercise for men and perform them properly. One more factor, share this text wide if you are feeling you’re feeling} that it’s extremely helpful for you and for those that are trying to find tips about the way to do Phalogenic exercises reception. However, before embarking on this kind of apply, look on the online, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, United Nations agency warns regarding the results of this kind of exercise for the member. Phalogenic