Shapiro MD Hair Growth Experts “WARNING” Fake Reviews!!

Thinner hair, lighter hair, or increased hair loss? Not only men are affected by this problem, but also women. The causes can be very different. Genetic or hereditary reasons can lead to less hair on the head. But increasing age, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, stress, or poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. The manufacturer of the Shapiro MD promises to remedy the situation. I took a closer look at the hair restorer!

Introduction of Shapiro MD:

Shapiro MD is a tonic that, according to the manufacturer, should help stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. The ingredients contained in the agent should help users to new hair. According to the manufacturer, the serum is equally suitable for women and men.

Promised Effect

The manufacturer promises that Shapiro MD will help effectively against hair loss. According to studies, up to 214% more hair growth can be determined after 10 days in clinical studies with the active ingredient Redensyl.

Here is a brief overview of the manufacturer’s promises for regular use of Shapiro MD:

  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Stimulation of hair follicles
  • Soothing the scalp
  • Increase in hair density
  • Antibacterial Effect
  • Positive effect on the cell division process in the hair roots

Shapiro MD

Shapiro MD Hair Growth Activator in the Test:

Before looking at reviews online, I asked a good friend if he would test Shapiro MD for my report. He is in his early forties and has been suffering from hair that has become increasingly light for years. He has already used various anti-hair loss products, so far without success. That is why he let himself be persuaded to try this out for himself. Since the manufacturer writes on its website that it is a long-term agent, we have decided to test Shapiro MD for three months. He ordered the product online directly from the manufacturer. The delivery was quick. So he could get started on his own pretty quickly.

1st Day:

My good friend, as explained by the manufacturer, applied the product to the scalp. The agent should not be washed out after use. He told me that using Shapiro MD was easy. It has a pleasant fragrance and would move in well.

7th Day:

My test person was, of course, aware that it would not be a miracle cure that would give him a full head of hair. He used the hair restorer every day. After a week, there was no difference.

21st Day:

My friend noticed the first – very small – changes after 21 days of use. After daily application, he noticed tiny new hairs on his head in some of his light spots. This can be compared to a baby’s hair fluff. Because of this first success, he continued motivated with his self-experiment.

45th Day:

He had hoped that after over a month of using Shapiro MD every day, there would be more hair on his head. The few new hairs were a bit stronger and minimally longer, but certainly not as thick or long as the manufacturer had promised. I asked him to continue trying.

End of the 3rd Month:

The subject used Shapiro MD properly every day. The manufacturer’s promise is that hair growth should increase by up to 214 percent. But my friend cannot confirm this. Its light spots have changed a little bit because the hair has grown a little. However, he cannot report full, dense hair growth. He is disappointed with the remedy. The effects promised by the manufacturer have not occurred to him.

Conclusion Self-Test

Unfortunately, the conclusion of the Shapiro MD hair growth activator after the self-test of my good friend is negative. Unfortunately, the effect could not convince him. Pity!

Is there an alternative?

Unfortunately, the hair growth activator from Shapiro MD did not perform particularly well in the self-test. But there are some remedies on the market that help fight hair loss. Therefore I recommend you like my readers to use one of these effective products as an alternative.

Shapiro MD

Shapiro MD Experiences Fake?

On the manufacturer’s website, I can find some testimonials from alleged users. These all report positive about the hair restorer. They are enthusiastic about the preparation because after the application they have fuller hair. But I found that Angelica (54), Jürgen (53), and Christopher (28), for example, are not real customers who have tested Shapiro MD.

The people depicted are photo models. The pictures are so-called stock photos, which can be purchased on the Internet. I wonder why a serious manufacturer of an honest product needs to publish fake customer reviews on his website. This gives me a questionable impression because the manufacturer deliberately deceives the consumer so that his product is in a better light.

Real Reviews from Users

Based on the fake testimonials on the manufacturer’s website, I search the web for authentic reviews from real customers. At the online retailer Amazon, I can find a lot of reviews about the hair restorer. It strikes me that the reviews are usually quite passable. The product is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars. But due to the fake reviews on the manufacturer’s homepage, I am also skeptical about the reviews on Amazon. I have the impression that many of the extremely positive reviews are just bought.


Have you had any experience with Shapiro MD? Then share your experiences and exchange ideas with other users and customers. Simply use the comment function below this post.

Shapiro MD – Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, many ingredients in the agent should help promote hair growth. Among many other substances, the main active ingredients in Shapiro MD are:

Redensyl: This substance supports and stimulates inactive hair follicles. The blood circulation is also stimulated. Redensyl would also provide important nutrients and vitamins.

Glycerin: This is a component of collagen, which in turn is important in the protein structure of the hair.

Dihydroquercetin Glucoside (DHQG): Promotes hair growth and prevents hair stem follicles from cell death.

Epigallocatechin Gallate Glucoside: This substance is also known as EGCG2 and is an anti-inflammatory. It also combats free radicals.

Zinc: This trace element is known for activating hair growth and protects the hair roots from inflammation caused by a weakened immune system.

Shapiro MD

How to use Shapiro MD?

According to the manufacturer, the use of the agent is very simple. The user should apply Shapiro MD to the scalp twice a day. Five to six pumps are to be used per ration.

The application should take place over a longer period. After 6 to 10 weeks, consumers could see the first results. After about three months, users should notice visible success and significant hair growth.

Are Side Effects Possible?

According to the manufacturer, no side effects can be expected when using hair restorer. However, every consumer should be aware that side effects and undesirable side effects can always occur if the user shows hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients. Then, for example, allergic reactions are possible.

Where can you buy Shapiro MD?

Consumers cannot purchase Shapiro MD in drugstores such as CVS or Walgreens. However, the remedy can be found at some mail-order pharmacies and the online retailer Amazon. Of course, you can also buy the preparation directly from the manufacturer.

Prices and how much it costs?

A bottle of Shapiro MD hair growth activator contains 100 ml and normally costs EUR 49.95 (RRP). However, the manufacturer is currently offering a special price of 39.95 euros.

Shipping to America and Canada is free of charge.

Shapiro MD

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting questions about the products presented. Below I have summarized the most important FAQ about Shapiro MD.

How many ml are in the product?

One bottle contains 100 milliliters.

Has FDA already tested the hair growth tonic?

The consumer protection organization FDA has already tested many products and devices for their effectiveness and suitability. However, the test institute has not yet carried out a test on this hair restorer.

Is there any eyelash serum from the company?

The manufacturer of Shapiro MD also offers an eyelash serum, which should help users to get longer and thicker eyelashes. This agent should be used for six to ten weeks.

Can we use Shapiro MD on the beard?

According to the manufacturer, Shapiro MD is also suitable for use as a beard hair restorer.

How Significant are the Studies?

The study mentioned by the manufacturer (which is only published in English) is intended to suggest to the consumer that Shapiro MD is a scientifically recognized and effective hair restorer. However, it is not evident that this study was carried out by an independent testing institute. I can also find no official, neutral reviews of the product on the Internet.

Which product is better: Shapiro MD or Foligain?

In my research, I find that there are many different hair growth products on the market. It always strikes me that the Foligain product, in particular, is praised by users. This agent appears to serve its purpose well and to deliver the effects promised by the manufacturer.

Shapiro MD

Final Verdict:

During the self-test carried out by my acquaintances, I found that the great successes did not materialize. The test person had no hair growth worth mentioning and was disappointed with the product.

I am also skeptical about Shapiro MD because I wonder why a manufacturer turns from an allegedly successful product to dubious sales methods. By publishing fake testimonials with stock photos on its website, the manufacturer makes itself unbelievable. An honest manufacturer of an effective product would not need such a dubious advertising mesh.