Slenderized Keto – FAKE Advertisement And Money-Making SCAM!!

Diets and fitness programs can contribute to weight loss, but they are usually strenuous and diaphoretic. If you take the capsules regularly, the manufacturer of Slenderized Keto promises that you could lose weight quickly and effectively. Excess pounds would drop in no time. What ingredients are in the diet pills? Is Slenderized Keto a miracle cure or just money-making once again? What do experts say about the product? Are there user reviews? We compared Slenderized Keto with other weight loss products…

Slenderized Keto

Manufacturer Promise: This is How Slenderized Keto Supplement Work!

Slenderized Keto is a nutritional supplement. The capsules are designed to help users reduce their weight. According to the manufacturer, the diet pills contain active ingredients that are supposed to boost metabolism. Glucose levels must be reduced. Also, we can read on the manufacturer’s website that the consumer can start his physical change by taking the capsules – “Start Transforming”.

These are the manufacturer’s promises:

  • Reduction of up to six kilograms in four weeks.
  • Reduction in body fat.
  • Increase in body energy.
  • Activation of fat burning.
  • A drop in cholesterol.
  • Optimization of the digestive system.
  • Standardization of blood sugar levels.
  • Accelerate the destruction of fat cells.
  • Improvement of cardiac activity.
  • Detoxification of the body.
  • Avoiding cravings.

We can also read on the website that the capsules are 100 percent natural and completely safe. They are also clinically tested. However, we have to question this information from the manufacturer, because during our research we find that the provider works with dubious sales methods.

Money Making? FAKE Slenderized Keto Experiences

We find an expert opinion on the Slenderized Keto website. A nutritionist named Helen Schwartz recommends the diet capsules in her report. They are said to be very effective in reducing weight. But we discover in our research that the alleged specialist is also shown on the Health website. There she was simply given a different name (Veronica Benitez).

The expert opinion is, therefore, a fake. The manufacturer deliberately deceives the consumer so that he can better market his product. We can find the picture with the woman in the white coat on the Internet. It is a Shutterstock photo that can be purchased. So she is a model and not a nutritionist.

Due to the fake test report, we also have to assume that before and after photos of alleged users and their reviews of Slenderized Keto are also not true.

Ingredients That Can Cause Side Effects:

The capsules contain the following natural ingredients:

According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects to fear when taking Slenderized Keto. However, side effects and undesirable side effects can always occur if the user shows intolerance to one or more ingredients.

Intake & Dosage Instruction
How to use Slenderized Keto?

On the manufacturer’s website, we find various information about the taking and use of the capsules. That sounds very manufacturer- friendly because the monthly costs are extremely high.

1st Option: “Starter Program”

The user should take three capsules a day before meals with sufficient water for a month.

You can lose up to 10 kilograms of weight. Fat and calories would burn themselves, according to the manufacturer. For this, you need 3 x Slenderized Keto capsules, each at USD 49 = USD 147 per month 1

2nd Option: “Medium Program”

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule three times a day before meals. This should be done for two months. Besides, users should do diet and morning exercises. Then it is possible to lose 20 kilograms of body weight. 2 x 3 cans of Slenderized Keto at USD 49 = USD 294 for 2 months.

3rd Option: “Advanced Program”

Here, too, three capsules are swallowed per day. Also, the user should go on a diet and morning exercise, go to the gym twice a week and do sports. You could lose 30 kilograms. Another 3 cans of Slenderized Keto a 49 = USD 147 per month.

However, due to the questionable advertising mesh such as fake expert opinion, we strongly doubt the mode of action and enormous weight loss.

Slenderized Keto

Exclusive FREE TRIAL Offer:

Or you can claim your free trial which is 14 Days Supply of Slenderized Keto, And also you have nothing to do just pay the shipping cost which is $ 5.99 and the order will be at your doorsteps in 3-4 Days.

Is there any better Alternate?

We don’t see Slenderized Keto is a serious and effective dietary product, so we look for alternative products. Particularly relatively high costs we take for monthly applications more closely and also search for similar but cheaper products. We compare Slenderized Keto with an alternative product. Our test was worth it. Because our second weight loss product is the test winner. It is both better and much cheaper because the amount of content is much larger.

Celebrity Advertising is FAKE

During our research, we also discover a prominent person on the Slenderized Keto website. The American actress Melissa McCarthy is said to have accepted 35 kg with the diet capsules. But this story was also simply invented by the manufacturer. Melissa McCarthy has lost over 30 kilograms, but she has nothing to do with Slenderized Keto. On the “” online site, she explained that she had used a simple weight loss trick: “You shut everything down, just don’t do anything fun, and go to bed at 7.30 pm.” The manufacturer shies away not to advertise his product with celebrities – without being asked.

Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss by Slenderized Keto
Image Credit (Healthicu)

Who is hiding behind the Capsules?

This advertising mesh is not only dubious but also illegal. We cannot find an imprint on the website, but the company Abirix Ltd. specified. The company is based in Limassol (Cyprus).

Authentic Slenderized Keto Customer’s Reviews?

We are looking for authentic testimonials from neutral users on the Internet. Our search remains unsuccessful. We can’t find customer reviews or recessions about Slenderized Keto. We find this strange because normally you can find many reports about products and their effects on the Internet and in forums. This is not the case with Slenderized Keto.

Where to buy Slenderized Keto?
Amazon, eBay or Pharmacies?

You cannot buy Slenderized Keto capsules in drugstores such as CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens. The capsules are also not found in pharmacies. You can also not order the diet remedy from the online retailer’s eBay and Amazon. It is only possible to purchase the capsules directly from the manufacturer.

Price Comparison
Cost of Slenderized Keto

On the manufacturer’s side, a can (30 capsules) costs 49 dollars. The manufacturer mentions that this is an offer price because they usually cost 123 dollars. On the sales side, we discover a dubious ordering process. The consumer must first provide his name and telephone number. An employee will then call him back within 24 hours and the ordering process will start. This method of ordering is always used by dubious manufacturers and rip-off products.

Readers for Readers!

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We’re looking forward to seeing your ability to contribute!

Slenderized Keto


Due to the negative aspects such as fake advertising with Melissa McCarthy and a dubious ordering process, we do not recommend buying Slenderized Keto. The manufacturer also advertises magazines and Vogue such as Health, Woman’s Health, Shape, and American Health. However, there were no reports or publications about Slenderized Keto here either. In the end, due to the lack of reports from objective users, we cannot assess whether the capsules have any effects on the body and help to reduce weight. A reputable manufacturer with an honest product would certainly not need questionable sales methods.

At the comparison winner Leptitox, you know what effect the ingredients have. The weight loss product is more durable because more content and on top of that, the manufacturer is currently giving away 2 cans for FREE! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out how long this special campaign was going on.