True Keto Boost with BHB, Help You Lose Weight in JUST Weeks!!

With the help of True Keto Boost, obesity should be a thing of the past. After all, every year thousands of Americans fight against the unloved excess kilos. Losing weight is extremely difficult in most cases. Numerous everyday temptations make weight loss difficult. Again, is this just a dubious slimmer or can True Keto Boost help you lose weight?

What is True Keto Boost?

The ketogenic diet forms the basis for the True Keto Boost. These are Keto pills that support the body during ketosis. In this special condition, fat can be burned effectively and unwanted obesity can be lost. The manufacturer promises that by taking the Keto pills, the fat burning process can be doubled or even tripled.

Carbohydrates are preferably avoided during the ketogenic diet. In the long run, this can lead to a lack of energy and dysfunction of the internal organs. By taking the Keto pills, the negative side effects during a ketogenic diet are to be prevented. Accordingly, the True Keto Boost supplies the body with all important substances and trace elements during weight loss.

True Keto Boost

We tested True Keto Boost for 30 Days

After our research, we were very excited about these Keto pills and the associated effects. Based on the promises of the manufacturer, we decided to do a True Keto Boost Review. We were supported by Janette, a volunteer. At the beginning of our test, she weighed 95 kg and was 1.75 m tall.

Day 1:

On the first day of our test, we discussed the exact procedure with our tester. We also checked the weight to have a comparative value at the end of our test. According to the manufacturer, one True Keto Boost should be taken each day.

To do this, take 2 pills with a glass of water before the first meal. The manufacturer also points out that a ketogenic diet must be taken into account. Our test subject promised to follow these instructions and change the diet accordingly.

Day 15:

After two weeks our first check-up took place. Janette said she had been eating carbohydrates free since the start of the test. Instead, she has now integrated more fats and proteins into her diet. Besides, our tester took one of the Keto pills every day. At this point, however, we could not find any reduction in weight.

Day 30:

Our subject had taken the True Keto Boost for a month and changed their diet at the same time. However, we did not experience any weight loss at the end of our test.

However, in our last examination, Janette complained about mild stomach complaints that have occurred repeatedly in the past few days. We attributed this to taking the pills. Accordingly, we ended our test with a negative result and advised our test subject not to continue taking it.

IS there any effective alternative?

A Supplement named True Keto Boost could not convince in our test. Our subject was not able to lose weight despite the intake and the change in diet. Instead, the drug caused side effects.

However, since we would like to present our readers with an effective means of reducing weight, we compared the Keto pills with an alternative product. Here we can recommend the fat burner from ICG Health Nutrition. It is an American manufacturer that has already proven its effectiveness in several studies.

This fat burner has been tested several times by our readers and found to be extremely effective. Furthermore, we placed the focus of the comparison in particular on the effect, side effects and price. You can find our results in the table below.

Customer Experiences and Opinion:

In addition to our test and our previous research, we were interested in the experiences other users had with the Keto pills. So we searched the internet for real True Keto Boost experiences and opinions. We also found it very quickly and would like to present three reports below.

A customer is completely disappointed about the Keto pills. Instead of the promised lost kilos, the lady had to see a doctor because of the side effects.

Another user is also not particularly enthusiastic about True Keto Boost. Despite regular intake and a ketogenic diet, this man could hardly lose weight.

Another lady who describes these alleged miracle pills is extremely doubtful. This customer had been taking these pills for several weeks. But even in this case, there was no weight loss. The user writes correspondingly negative of her experiences.

What does the SHARK TANK say?

There are numerous reports and reviews on various diet pills and other weight loss programs on the SHARK TANK website. During our research, however, we were unable to find any information that True Keto Boost had already been examined and evaluated by a SHARK TANK. Accordingly, the independent consumer portal has not yet dealt with these Keto pills.

Who is True Keto Boost for?

The True Keto Boost is supposedly intended for everyone who wants to support the body in the state of ketosis. If the body is no longer supplied with carbohydrates, it loses energy and, after a certain time, reaches the state of ketosis. To regain energy, fat is burned.

The ingredients of this supplement are not only supposed to improve the burning of fat but also to protect the body from a lack of energy and impaired functioning of the internal organs.

Are there official Tests and Studies?

On the official sales page, there is a note that this supplement has been tested and approved by leading American dietitians. Besides, the preparation is said to have several quality certificates and awards.

In our research, we were unable to find any information to confirm that True Keto Boost has so far been subjected to official tests and studies. No evidence can be found for the other statements by the manufacturer either. The effect of the Keto pills is therefore not proven. Also, it cannot be said 100% that only the specified ingredients can be found in the pills.

True Keto Boost

Intake and Dosage Guide of True Keto Boost:

The manufacturer promises that the True Keto Boost intake and dosage can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. Accordingly, only one Keto pill needs to be taken with a glass of water every day and drunk before the first meal. Besides, the manufacturer refers to the ketogenic diet in terms of effectiveness. At least 30 days of cure shall be recommended by the manufacturer.

Who’s going to do without the request?

There is no information on the manufacturer’s official sales site that certain groups of people should refrain from taking the True Keto Boost. However, any preparation, even with purely natural and vegetable ingredients, can lead to undesirable side effects. If you are allergic or hypersensitive to one or more active ingredients, we advise against taking it.

Does True Keto Boost use natural ingredients?

Due to the purely herbal active ingredients, the Keto pills should be well tolerated by the users. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients of the True Keto Boost are:

  • Aminobutyric Acid
  • Magnesium
  • L-glutamine
  • Vitamin B

Included in the Keto pills.

Aminobutyric acid: The mental state and thus the attention is improved by taking True Keto Boost. Also, aminobutyric acid helps to relax and relieve nervousness. The sleep process can also be optimized.

Magnesium: irritability and nervousness are alleviated. Besides, depression can occur during ketosis, which can be prevented by magnesium. Headaches and concentration problems are also alleviated.

L-glutamine: endurance is improved while tiredness is alleviated.

Vitamin B: Heart and digestive system are supported, while cholesterol levels are lowered.

However, we cannot say whether there are any other ingredients in the preparation.

Side Effects & Risks Intolerance of True Keto Boost:

According to the manufacturer, no True Keto Boost side effects are known. However, side effects or undesirable side effects can occur with all preparations. This is especially the case if there is an allergy or hypersensitivity to one or more active ingredients.

Where can you buy True Keto Boost?

If you want to buy True Keto Boost, this is only possible via the manufacturer’s official sales page and the associated partner pages. The Keto pills are not offered on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon, nor in local pharmacies or online pharmacies.

Even drugstores such as Walgreens or CVS Health do not have this product in their range. On the sales side, the manufacturer justifies this with the statement that counterfeiting is to be prevented in this way. To order the True Boost, a corresponding form with name and telephone number must be completed on the sales page.

After submitting the form, customers are called back by an employee who then takes the order. In the past, we have been able to link this type of ordering process to dubious rip-off products several times. Accordingly, we would like to warn you again about this type of order.

How high is the price?

The manufacturer sells the Keto pills at a discounted True Keto Boost price of 49.00 dollars. In the original, a pack of 10 pills would cost 98.00 dollars. Since the users should take the Keto pills for at least 30 days, three packs must be ordered accordingly. In this case, the total amount would amount to USD 147.00. This price seems very high for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Losing weight is extremely difficult for some people. Effective results are to be achieved through a ketogenic diet. True Keto Boost should support the user in this form and not only optimize fat burning, but also supply the body with all the necessary substances and trace elements.

In the following questions and answers, we have summarized all the important information about the Keto pills and the ketogenic diet.

When is the effect of True Keto Boost expected?

According to the official sales page, it takes an average of one month to get the first results. Also, the manufacturer points out that the results depend on your own body and lifestyle. However, we would like to mention again in this connection that we could not find any effect of True Keto Boost in our 30-day test with our volunteer test subject.

Does True Keto Boost cause a yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect always occurs after a diet, as long as it returns to the usual eating habits. In this case, more calories are usually absorbed than the body burns. We were surprised that the manufacturer promised that the weight would be maintained even after the True Keto Boost was stopped. However, this would require a permanent ketogenic diet, which can lead to health restrictions.

What exactly is ketogenic nutrition?

The True Keto Boost requires a special nutritional form to work effectively. The ketogenic diet is based on a very low-carbohydrate diet. For this, very high-fat foods are eaten. During the diet, there is a change in energy metabolism in the body. This diet allows 4 percent carbohydrates, 90 percent fat, and 6 percent protein.

Accordingly, pasta, rice, bread, sugar, and potatoes must be removed from the menu during this diet. These foods are replaced by fish, meat, eggs, sausages, and low-carb vegetables.

This diet brings the body into ketosis – a metabolic state in which fat is burned for energy.

How can ketosis be recognized?

As a rule, ketosis can be checked via blood or urine tests. With the help of special ketone test strips from the pharmacy, the ketone body concentration can be detected, for example, in the urine. However, ketosis can also be recognized by physical symptoms. For example:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath

Is True Keto Boost a serious product?

Based on our research and our test, we have to assume that True Keto Boost is not a serious and effective product. There is no imprint on the official sales page so that it is also not possible to find out who is hiding behind the Keto pills as a supplier or manufacturer.

The missing imprint not only violates the labeling requirements in America but also does not suggest that the provider has serious intentions. Besides, customers have to order the goods via a dubious ordering process. All of these factors speak for a dubious product that is designed to mislead customers.

True Keto Boost


For many people who would like to lose weight, this project is extremely difficult. Weight loss is to be optimized with the help of the ketogenic diet. The True Keto Boost is supposed to support the process of burning fat effectively and also supply the body with all important substances and trace elements that are needed during ketosis.

However, this preparation could not convince us of our test. Despite the regular intake, our test subject could not lose weight. Also, we have found numerous negative experiences from users of True Keto Boost. These factors alone made us doubt the effectiveness of Keto pills.

To make matters worse, the manufacturer does not publish an imprint on its sales page and customers should order True Boost via a dubious ordering process. All these factors make us doubt the seriousness and effectiveness of the preparation and accordingly we cannot recommend the True Keto Boost to our readers.